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       Nick and Rosalie Nuzzi undertook a whole new adventure in 1968. They purchased Park Model Bakery on 2nd Avenue in Garden City Park, with little to no knowledge of what hard work it would entail. They brought their two boys along for the ride. John, who at the time was only 10, and his 8 years old brother Neil, soon became very active in the family business. The boys quickly thrived in the bakery business. John knew all the different bread mixes, while Neil knew every route forward and backwards. In 1985, the first Lakewood Bakery opened in Elmont, where all four of them put in long hours.  In 1985, the first Lakewood bakery opened in Elmont, where all four of them put in long hours.

John & Neil Nuzzi

         Shortly after in 1988, the doors opened in Farmingdale where it is still located today. In 1995, Nick handed over the responsibility of Lakewood Bakery to his sons. Rosalie finally decided it was time to have over the reigns 10 years later in 2005. Nick is proud to say that “the bakery has increased tenfold since John and Neil took over.” John, with a BA in Business Administration from Rutgers University, oversees sales and customer relations. Neil is a master mechanic, attending to any repairs needed from over mixer repairs to maintaining their trucks that can be seen on the roads of Long Island and the East Coast. The brother are now

grooming their children to take over. They are pleased to have served Long Island for over 40 years and look forward to serving it for many more!

About The Lakewood Bakery

Family owned and operated since 1985

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