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Trans-Fat Free & Kosher Certified

Lighthouse Baking Artisan Breads

Choose between Loafs & Rounds - Artisan Bread

Have Lakewood Bakery's rustic artisan breads delivered to your business fresh everyday! 

White Boule

White Boule.JPG

Sourdough Boule

Sourdough Boule.JPG

Miche Boule

Miche Boule .JPG

7-Grain Boule

7Grain Boule.JPG

Brioche Burger

Brioche Burger (2).JPG

Brioche Sliders

Brioche Sliders.JPG

Pretzel Bun


Jumbo Pretzel

Jumbo Pretzel.JPG

White Pullman


Brioche Pullman (Sliced)


Brioch Pullman (Loaf)


Brioche Panini

Brioche Panini.JPG
Mini Panini.JPG

Mini Panini

Dark Ciabatta


Interested in having our fresh made Artisan Breads delivered to your restaurant or food establishment?

Give us a call today or simply fill out an order inquiry!

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