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Trans-Fat Free & Kosher Certified

Specialty Hamburger Rolls

4" to 6" Specialty Hamburger Rolls

Our unique, gourmet chili rolls make for the ultimate hamburger buns. With its semi-sweet dough and baked from 4" to 6", this is definitely a top long island favorite among our wholesale bakery clients. Please refer to the full product list for a complete list of products.

Lg. Sesame Italian #1133

Lg ital Sesame 1133 (2).JPG

Chili Rolls #1098

Chilli 1098 (2).JPG

Everything Chili Rolls #1117

fresh chili everything 1117 (2).JPG

Plain Hamburger Buns #1037

1037 Plain Hamburger buns.JPG

Interested in getting our fresh made Hamburger Buns or Chili Rolls delivered to your restaurant or food establishment?

Give us a call today or simply fill out an order inquiry!

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