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Get these perfectly golden rolls delivered daily! The sub-style is perfect for making subs or hoagies and can be ordered with or without seeds. Our Hero Rolls comes split lengthwise and served with a variety of meats, cheeses or veggies! These classics are among our top sellers and our clients love using them to make heroes, hoagies and po'boys!

Hero breads come with Foccacia, heavy seeded, Semolina, or Large (12inch).  Please refer to the full product list for a complete list of products.

Club Rolls #1475

Whole Wheat Club Rolls #1507

Old Fashioned Club Rolls #1504

Plain Hero #1530

Seeded Hero #1531

7-Grain Hero #1543

Whole Wheat Hero Rolls #1527

Plain Cremosa Hero #1522

Seeded Cremosa Hero #1520

Plain 3-Cut Hero #1534

Seeded 3-Cut Hero #1533

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Hero Bread & Club Rolls

Club Rolls 6in. - Cremosa 7-8in. Regular Hero 9in. or 12in.