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Trans-Fat Free & Kosher Certified

Italian & Round Bread

Baked fresh every morning

These fresh baked classics are a customer favorite and come seeded or plain. Please refer to the full product list for a complete list of products.

13oz Italian Bread #1554

13oz italian bread long island 1554 .JPG

Garlic Bread #1515

1515 Garlic Bread.JPG

Semolina Bread #1421

1421 Semolina Bread.JPG

Bastoni Seeded #1550

1550 Bastoni Seeded.JPG

Bishop Cap Bread #1580

Bishop Cap 1580.JPG

Homemade 2lb #1586

Homemade 2lb 1586.JPG

Interested in getting our fresh made Italian or Round Bread delivered to your restaurant or food establishment?

Give us a call today or simply fill out an order inquiry!

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