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Kaiser Rolls - Baked Fresh Every Morning

Trans-Fat Free & Kosher Certified

Order by the dozen or half dozen

These warm, buttery rolls are the perfect addition to any meal and can be ordered sliced. Choose from a variety of flavors from plain to poppy and more. Order by the dozen or 1/2 dozen. Please refer to the full product list for a complete list of products.

Plain Kaiser Rolls #1011

Plain Kaiser 1011.JPG

Poppy Seed Kaiser Rolls #1001

Poppy Kaiser 1001.JPG

Sesame Kaiser Rolls #1006

Ses Kaiser 1006 (4).JPG

Whole Wheat Kaiser Rolls #1031

whole wheat kaiser rolls 1031 long islan

Small Kaiser Rolls #1101

Small Kaiser 1101.JPG

Interested in getting our fresh made Kaiser Rolls delivered to your restaurant or food establishment?

Give us a call today or simply fill out an order inquiry!

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