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Trans-Fat Free & Kosher Certified

Choose from all of your favorite classic panini breads

Our fresh baked paninis oval or square and in a variety of flavors from  your favorite classic panini rolls to onion, 7-grain focaccia and onion.

Please refer to the full product list for a complete list of products.

Plain Panini Roll #1250

1250 Panini Roll long island.JPG

Onion Panini Roll #1248

Panini Onion long island 1248.jpg

Tomato Panini Rolls #1246

Panini Tomato 1246.JPG

Tomato Square Paninis #1225

Panini SQ Tomato 1225.JPG

Garlic Square Paninis #1228

Panini SQ garlic 1228 suffolk county ny.

7-Grain Focaccia

Square Paninis #1631

7grain Focc sq 1631 (2).JPG

Rosemary Square Paninis #1224

ROsemary SQ panini 1224 (2).JPG

Whole Wheat

Square Paninis #1242

1242 WW Sq Panini long island.JPG

Plain Square Paninis #1244

1244 Panini SQ plain.JPG

Interested in getting our fresh made panini delivered to your restaurant or food establishment?

Give us a call today or simply fill out an order inquiry!


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