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Lakewood Bakery is now accepting online orders for the tri-state area

Choose between all of our classic favorites & schedule your delivery

Simply follow the directions below and start placing your order now



1. Download Choco on your phone and log in with your cell phone number. 

We have partnered with Choco to provide you with a simple, fast and accurate way to order your favorite breads from Lakewood Bakery.

Choco is a free mobile app that connects customers to purveyors with ease. 


Download the Choco App now and start placing your order to Lakewood Bakery within seconds!

After downloaded, please follow steps 2-4 below.

2. Great! Your account is already set-up. Just open up chat with Lakewood Bakery.


3. Next, simply open your personal order guide and choose your bread.


4. Last step, set your delivery date and add your delivery instructions.

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